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Led Zeppelin
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Allen Jaeger Bio

Allen Jaeger and the Misfits

Allen Jaeger, Jr. has been drawing and painting all his life. His heroes range from Vincent Price to horror comic book artist Bernie Wrightson. Allen's enthusiasm is endless, using his talents for up-and-coming bands as well as established performers, while at the same time being faithful to the bands that he supported from the beginning. All of Allen's posters begin with images found in the music itself. He takes full responsibility for inventing and mixing his colors as well as separating colors by hand in the silkscreening process. Though most of his work looks best in black light, lately his art has evolved into a darker color scheme, perfect for the doom and gloom music afficionados.

Allen is very disciplined when it comes to work, but if he has any free time, he enjoys showing guests of his fine home the obscure and strange sites hidden within greater New Orleans. He's also an avid action figure collector, especially of Spawn and Star Wars. Probably the best times are had on the road with industrial/metal bands on their southeast tour dates. In the end, all of his experiences contribute in one way or another to creating his magnificent poster art. Check out this article for info on a recent showing of his work.

Borrowed from the Wednesdays Corner website with permission

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